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  • Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2020

    There're 9 days auspicious for wedding/marriage in January 2020.

    Note:Avoid the suggested auspicious wedding dates below which is bad for your Chinese Zodiac.
    Don't know your Chinese Zodiac? Check Here.

    Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2020:

    Western: January 3, 2020Friday
    Chinese: Dec 9, Ji Hai YearBad for Pig
    wedding,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,sacrifice,pray for good luck,build a house,break ground for building,relocation,moving
    open for business,funeral
    Western: January 8, 2020Wednesday
    Chinese: Dec 14, Ji Hai YearBad for Dragon
    wedding,receive betrothal gifts,marriage engagement,sacrifice,adult ceremony,make a wedding dress,meet friends/relatives,adopt children,get financial income ,killing pests,make a stove
    open for business,assemble a bed,funeral,repair a tomb
    Western: January 13, 2020Monday
    Chinese: Dec 19, Ji Hai YearBad for Rooster
    wedding,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,sacrifice,pray for good luck,pray for pregnancy,meet friends/relatives,house cleaning,travel,start school,get financial income ,open for business,trade,make a contract,practice skills,weaving,assemble a bed,selling or lending,buy animals,funeral,repair a tomb,encoffining
    moving,consecration,open for business,break ground for building
    Western: January 14, 2020Tuesday
    Chinese: Dec 20, Ji Hai YearBad for Dog
    sacrifice,adult ceremony,wedding,meet friends/relatives,adopt children,make a wedding dress,weave fishing net,repair roads
    relocation,moving,build a temple,make a stove,treatment/surgery,funeral
    Western: January 16, 2020Thursday
    Chinese: Dec 22, Ji Hai YearBad for Rat
    wedding,sacrifice,take a bath,make a wedding dress,travel,haircut,relocation,killing pests,hunting,water injection,moving,funeral,move a coffin,encoffining
    build a house,open for business,break ground for building,break ground for tomb
    Western: January 25, 2020Saturday
    Chinese: Jan 1, Geng Zi YearBad for Rooster
    travel,wedding,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,encoffining,assemble a bed,funeral,sacrifice,make a wedding dress,meet friends/relatives,adopt children
    Western: January 27, 2020Monday
    Chinese: Jan 3, Geng Zi YearBad for Pig
    meet friends/relatives,receive betrothal gifts,adopt children,build a house,break ground for building,erect a pillar,install a beam,sacrifice,consecration,build statues in temple,pray for good luck,Taoist or Buddhist rites,wedding,assemble a bed,relocation,moving,set a spirit tablet,buy animals
    travel,treatment/surgery,funeral,open for business
    Western: January 28, 2020Tuesday
    Chinese: Jan 4, Geng Zi YearBad for Rat
    sacrifice,meet friends/relatives,travel,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,take a bath,build a house,break ground for building,pray for good luck,Taoist or Buddhist rites,wedding,demolish building,assemble a bed,encoffining,move a coffin,funeral,inaugurate a building/tomb,go to your post,make a wedding dress,erect a pillar,install a beam,lumbering,killing pests,grow plants,break ground for tomb,install a door
    build a house,open for business,make a stove,moving
    Western: January 30, 2020Thursday
    Chinese: Jan 6, Geng Zi YearBad for Tiger
    build statues in temple,consecration,travel,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,wedding,uxorilocal marriage,encoffining,move a coffin,funeral,build a tombstone
    moving,assemble a bed