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  • Auspicious haircut Dates in April 2025

    There're 3 days best to cut hair in April 2025.

    Note:Avoid the suggested haircut dates below which is bad for your Chinese Zodiac.
    Don't know your Chinese Zodiac? Check Here.

    Auspicious Dates to Cut Hair in April 2025

    Western: April 1, 2025Tuesday
    Chinese: Mar 4, Yi Si YearBad for Horse
    get financial income ,trade,make a contract,grow plants,killing pests,weave fishing net,fishing,adopt children,train animals,haircut
    moving,build a house,erect a pillar,funeral
    Western: April 7, 2025Monday
    Chinese: Mar 10, Yi Si YearBad for Rat
    receive betrothal gifts,wedding,consecration,travel,haircut,meet friends/relatives,open for business,assemble a bed,grow plants,pasture,encoffining,move a coffin
    inaugurate a building/tomb,pray for good luck,install a beam,make a stove,Taoist or Buddhist rites,build a house,moving,install a door
    Western: April 19, 2025Saturday
    Chinese: Mar 22, Yi Si YearBad for Rat
    consecration,travel,trade,fill a hole,wedding,haircut,open for business,assemble a bed
    pray for good luck,move a spirit tablet,buy real estate,break ground for building,break ground for tomb,funeral,build a house,install a beam,buy real estate,moving