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  • Auspicious Wedding Dates in April 2025

    There're 7 days auspicious for wedding/marriage in April 2025.

    Note:Avoid the suggested auspicious wedding dates below which is bad for your Chinese Zodiac.
    Don't know your Chinese Zodiac? Check Here.

    Auspicious Wedding Dates in April 2025:

    Western: April 2, 2025Wednesday
    Chinese: Mar 5, Yi Si YearBad for Goat
    wedding,marriage engagement,receive betrothal gifts,sacrifice,pray for good luck,travel,build a house,break ground for building,relocation,moving,break ground for tomb,move a spirit tablet,install a door,assemble a bed,install a beam,build a tombstone,move a coffin
    open for business,trade,make a bed curtain,funeral
    Western: April 4, 2025Friday
    Chinese: Mar 7, Yi Si YearBad for Rooster
    wedding,travel,make a bed curtain,adult ceremony,assemble a bed,make a stove,trade,make a contract,encoffining,move a coffin,break ground for tomb,funeral
    legal actions,consecration,open for business
    Western: April 7, 2025Monday
    Chinese: Mar 10, Yi Si YearBad for Rat
    receive betrothal gifts,wedding,consecration,travel,haircut,meet friends/relatives,open for business,assemble a bed,grow plants,pasture,encoffining,move a coffin
    inaugurate a building/tomb,pray for good luck,install a beam,make a stove,Taoist or Buddhist rites,build a house,moving,install a door
    Western: April 15, 2025Tuesday
    Chinese: Mar 18, Yi Si YearBad for Monkey
    wedding,pray for good luck,pray for pregnancy,consecration,travel,house cleaning,demolish building,move a spirit tablet,open for business,make a contract,trade,moving,relocation,assemble a bed,break ground for building,break ground for tomb,inaugurate a building/tomb
    sacrifice,encoffining,funeral,visit a patient
    Western: April 19, 2025Saturday
    Chinese: Mar 22, Yi Si YearBad for Rat
    consecration,travel,trade,fill a hole,wedding,haircut,open for business,assemble a bed
    pray for good luck,move a spirit tablet,buy real estate,break ground for building,break ground for tomb,funeral,build a house,install a beam,buy real estate,moving
    Western: April 27, 2025Sunday
    Chinese: Mar 30, Yi Si YearBad for Monkey
    set a spirit tablet,move a spirit tablet,receive betrothal gifts,marriage engagement,wedding,open for business,make a contract,trade,hang a signboard,consecration,travel,house cleaning,assemble a bed,grow plants,buy real estate,demolish building,build a house,break ground for building
    make a stove,funeral,sacrifice,encoffining
    Western: April 30, 2025Wednesday
    Chinese: Apr 3, Yi Si YearBad for Pig
    wedding,sacrifice,pray for good luck,pray for pregnancy,Taoist or Buddhist rites,consecration,move a spirit tablet,relocation,moving,erect a pillar,install a beam,meet friends/relatives,build a house,lay the foundations,treatment/surgery,treatment/surgery,install a door,build a vehicle,dig a well,dig a pool
    receive betrothal gifts,travel,repair a tomb,funeral,open for business,make a contract,make a stove